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Adi Y. Segal


Healthcare Executive | CEO

Adi Y. Segal is a distinguished healthcare executive and CEO of Hapi, a platform pioneering the extension of mental health care by offering "Active Listening as a Service" (ALaaS) and emotionally intelligent AI. With his visionary leadership, Hapi aims to alleviate the ever-growing unmet need for mental health care and loneliness, the world’s largest epidemic. With nearly two decades of clinical and health-tech experience, Adi has devoted his work to increasing access to care and creating innovative digital health solutions. Early in his career, Adi was on the team that built the largest telepsychiatry network in the U.S. Prior to Hapi, Adi also founded SeeThru, a blockchain-enabled platform for healthcare price transparency. This trailblazing initiative garnered support from the White House, major payors, and some of the largest healthcare systems in the country. Today, Adi’s mission is to combat the loneliness epidemic by fostering a safe and inclusive environment that promotes connection and a sense of belonging. Drawing upon his vast expertise, Adi envisions a world where enhanced listening skills improve the quality of human life and offer transformative insights for businesses. Dedicated to change, Adi aims to redefine personal wellness and extend the continuum of care through active listening, setting the stage for improved health outcomes.

• The Loneliness Epidemic: What Is It and How Do We Solve It?
• Explaining and Extending the Continuum of Care
• Listening as Medicine: Harnessing the Power of Empathy in Healthcare
• Building the Only Emotionally Intelligent AI Hapi’s Our Unique Dataset
• Hapi's Non-Clinical Emotional Support: Redefining Mental Health Care
• Filling the Mental Health Gap: Bridging the Divide for Better Well-Being
• Cost-Saving Possibilities for Progress: Innovations in Mental Healthcare Efficiency

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