Carmen Ortiz-McGhee


Global Executive | Speaker | Educator

Inspiring women to overcome their fears to achieve professional and personal success.

Achieving excellence by rejecting fear, embracing discomfort

Carmen Ortiz-McGhee is one of the few Latinx women, who has carved out a successful career in a multi-billion-dollar industry that is rife with unwritten rules and insular behavior. Carmen learned how to rewrite those rules, ‘crack the code’ and find mentorship and sponsors who pushed her to go beyond; not just being in the room where it happened but being the person to make it happen. She learned to speak up, share her expertise, and let people know she is a force to be reckoned with. Carmen drew off her instinct to never back down and always demand what you want. As she says, “I am good enough, and you’re going to pay me because I’m good enough. You should never expect less than what you’re worth.”

Today, Carmen positions herself to the next level of her career. She wants to share her story with women of all colors and elevate her profile as a fierce advocate for minority businesses and entrepreneurs. By celebrating the values instilled in her by her family, she wants to show the world that this young girl who was told “she couldn’t’ went on to shatter the glass ceiling and rise through the executive ranks, becoming one of the few in a field where diversity is nonexistent.