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Chris Stewart


Parent Activist | Writer | Speaker | CEO of Brightbeam Network

I am a voice of the never ended battle between my ancestors and their oppressors.

Parents don’t need to be empowered. They need to be in power.

Chris Stewart serves as Chief Executive Officer of Brightbeam, after serving as chief executive of Wayfinder Foundation. He has spent over 20 years supporting nonprofits, fighting to have a voice, and finding the best learning opportunities for every child beside millions of families. Under the name Citizen Stewart, Chris could find his voice and share his journey and resources with other parents facing the same educational difficulties. Stewart’s career path has always led to education. He adopts a proactive approach to empower the black community and underprivileged children. Chris talks about the complex problems and inequalities that hold our children back within the educational system.
Known as a straight shooter, Chris wants to engage families and take part in a process that improves educational opportunities for all children. Stewart’s strategy embodies two core concepts: “The Three Rs” and “The Belief Gap”. These notions work to empower parents to have a relationship with the school and understand the difference between their capabilities and the educators’ capabilities to better impact their child’s schooling. As a writer and motivational speaker, Chris wants to see parents stop being passengers in the education system and instead become more involved.

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