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Jeff Pegues


CBS News | Chief Justice and Homeland Security Correspondent | Author | Three-Time Emmy Winner

Diversity of ideas is essential for news coverage and where a business is concerned.

My drive has always been learning something new about someone else or something else.

Jeff Pegues is the CBS News Chief Justice and Homeland Security Correspondent based in Washington, D.C. He joined CBS News in July 2013 and reports for all CBS News broadcasts and platforms. Since joining CBS News, Pegues has led the Network's coverage of some of the last decade's biggest stories. From the Russia investigation to recent terrorist attacks, Pegues is often at the CBS Evening News's top. Jeff has also become one of the most visible and informed journalists on the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.
Jeff Pegues has also become one of the most informed voices on the conflict between the black community and police. Not only has he reported extensively on recent police actions and Justice Department investigations in Baltimore and Ferguson, but he has also authored a book on the issue. Pegues is the recipient of three Emmy Awards, numerous local and national Emmy Award nominations, the Sigma Delta Chi Award from the Society of Professional Journalists, and in 2017 was part of the CBS News team that earned an Edward R. Murrow Award.
Pegues has more than two decades of experience covering national and international magnitude stories, including presidential elections, Hurricane Sandy, and its aftermath. His breadth of experience covering the news of the day is often called upon for radio interviews and speaking engagements.

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