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Jimmie Gardner


Inspirational/ Motivational Speaker | Youth Mentor | Judicial Reform Advocate

Dedicated to fighting against wrongful convictions, injustice and inequality.

Story of triumph, resilience and never yeilding hope.

Jimmie C. Gardner grew up in Tampa, FL, where he developed a great love for baseball uniforms, which made that sport the one he would pursue passionately. He was drafted by the Chicago Cubs just after high school and played with them in the minor leagues for 4 seasons. While there, he enrolled in college to study business management. In 1989, while still working towards his business degree, Jimmie was arrested and charged with two separate counts of robbery and sexual assault, as well as burglary and assault-during-the-commission-of-a-felony.
Gardner did not commit the crimes and always maintained his innocence; however, he was put on trial in January 1990. Jimmie was found guilty a month later and was sentenced to 110 years in prison. It was not until April 1st, 2016, when Jimmie C. Gardner was finally released. Upon being released, Gardner reunited with his family with whom he had become estranged due to his incarceration. Since his release, Jimmie has become an advocate for other wrongfully imprisoned men and women who have felt the sting of this country's systemic and racial injustices throughout the criminal justice system. He also advocates for prison reform and inmate rights all over the country. Gardner is an active motivational speaker, engaged by high schools, colleges, and universities, including the Georgetown School of Law, churches, community, and civic organizations. Since his release, he has hit the ground running, and he looks forward to completely embracing his new life and living in his calling.

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