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Noel Shu


Chief Luxury Officer | Investor | Entrepreneur | Author

Noel Shu, celebrity tastemaker and wine expert, is no ordinary entrepreneur. This self-made millionaire has accomplished more in business than many do in an entire lifetime. Shu brings his wealth of expertise and impeccable panache to the global luxury goods market, where he spearheads ultra-super-premium products to discerning consumers on both sides of the Pacific, including China’s elite, who demand the absolute best in taste and quality.
Besides having served as a managing partner at the extolled beverage agency Prodiguer Brands, Shu’s own company has recently launched its new wine brand, Majestic Ruby. This exciting, unique expression made its world debut at the 2017 Daytime Emmy Awards as Official Wine Partner, where an array of Hollywood A-listers reportedly celebrated it.
Further demonstrating his prowess in the world of fine wine, Shu is also a lauded sommelier and one of the world’s leading experts on Chinese wine culture. He authored the book “China Through a Glass of Wine,” which offers a fascinating examination of China’s burgeoning wine industry from an insider’s perspective. From China’s rich cultural history to its political climate, this title takes readers on a captivating journey through the country’s viticultural victories and hopes for the future.

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