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Peter Sherayko


Historian | Actor | Producer | Author

Historian | Actor | Producer | Author

Peter Sherayko was born on October 8, 1946 in Perth Amboy, New Jersey, USA. He is an actor and producer, known for Tombstone (1993), A Soldier's Revenge (2020) and Bone Tomahawk (2015). Peter is also the author of several books, including "Tombstone: The Guns and Gear" and "The Fringe of Hollywood: The Art." He is married to Susan Sherayko.

Keynote Topics:
How to Produce A Real Authentic Modern Western Film
How Films are Greenlit: The development, financing, and production of Tombstone.
From New Jersey to Hollywood: a personal story.
Being The Gun Guy in Hollywood: Fact vs Fiction.
The Proper Handling of Firearms on Set: What Could Have Been Done to Prevent the Tragedy on the RUST Film Set.
Authentic Production of a Classic Western Film.

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