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Quinton Aaron


Actor | Producer | Singer | Writer | Motivational Speaker

Quinton Aaron, born August 15, 1984, in the Bronx, NY is a 39-year-old Actor, Producer, Singer, Writer, Motivational Speaker, advocate against bullying and much more. In 2009 Aaron starred in the blockbuster movie The Blind Side alongside Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw. The movie was a huge success and went on to become the highest grossing sports film of all time.

Since the film, Quinton has guest starred in several popular tv shows such as Law and Order: SVU and One Tree Hill and made appearances in several films along the way. Getting to work with some amazing talented actors and actresses in the industry. Aaron started speaking at schools and universities shortly after The Blind Side and has been doing it ever since as he has stated, “ it brings great joy to my heart to know that my struggles I’ve endured can help others make it through their tough times. I love being an inspiration to others, I think that’s how God intended it to be.”

Speaking Topics
• Overcoming Adversity
• Keeping the Faith
• Anti Bullying
• Choosing Happiness
• Spreading the Love More Now than Ever

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