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Rami Abrams


President at So Nourished | President at Tasteholics | Author

Rami Abrams is an entrepreneur based in Brooklyn, New York. He first discovered the keto diet in 2014 and was initially a little skeptical about a diet that allowed more butter and bacon intake than it did whole grains. Never one to live with unsatisfied curiosity – he dug deep into the diet’s background. Abrams was impressed by its foundation as a peer-reviewed medical treatment and weight loss tool and decided to give it a shot. Within just a few weeks, he steadily moved towards his goal weight and had never felt better in his life.
Rami Abrams is a self-professed “foodie” who loves to try new dishes and genres at every opportunity. Although enthralled with his new way of “fat-focused” cooking with all the flavors it provided, Rami found that he was missing many of his old favorites. Determined to have a cake and eat it, too, he began to seek out new ways of re-creating established conventions in the kitchen. It involved a few trials and errors, but eventually, he experienced a breakthrough. For a diet that revolves around eliminating sugar and other harmful sweeteners, that’s quite an achievement!
Today, Abram is an expert in the keto diet industry and is the author of the bestseller Keto Diet for Dummies. Rami is focused on growing his companies and branching out into exciting keto products that he would have loved to have when he first started his keto journey.

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