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Twin Sister Doctors


Award Winning Physicians | Medical Thought Leaders | Motivational Speakers

Drs. Delana Wardlaw and Elana McDonald are identical twins with a shared mission: to reduce health care disparities and provide reliable, trustworthy medical care to those who need it most. As physicians with successful medical practices, they passionately believe in the power of health care to improve quality of life. And as two black women from northern Philadelphia, they’ve also seen first-hand how many lack access to it – or who, due to distrust of medical establishments, hesitate to seek it. Now, unwilling to turn their backs on these underserved populations, the sisters work to give back to the community that shaped them.

Speaking Topics

Bridging Healthcare Disparities in Underserved Communities
Building Trust and Transparency: Helping Patients in Underserved Communities Go to The Doctor
Breaking Down Barriers: Succeeding in Med School & Beyond
Surviving and Thriving: Beating the odds and serving the community

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