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Van Moody


Author | Senior Pastor | Founder of The Worship Center Christian Church | Speaker

Van Moody has a passion for transforming people, organizations, and the world. With a background in leadership, business and ministry, he is uniquely qualified to position and empowers people for success in every aspect of their lives. From his Ted Talk to The Tom Joyner Morning Show, Van Moody’s compelling voice has been heard worldwide and on various stages.
In 2016 Moody became a member of Dr. Oz’s Core Team and has been featured several times on the Dr. Oz Show on ABC. He frequently writes for The Christian Post, Fox News, and his other articles have been featured in Essence Magazine, Investors’ Business Daily, Forbes, American Express Open Forum, Maxim, and many others.
With his unique ability to understand and communicate timeless truths in relevant, contemporary ways, Moody challenges and equips his congregation and the world to fulfill their potential and live their purpose. Known for his keen insights, Moody is a strong visionary and a sought-after speaker and leader.

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