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Wes Parham MBA, Ph.D


Author | Speaker | Haterologist

"Be A Hater"

Wes Parham MBA Ph.D. is a higher education professional and Organizational Consultant at WEEW Consulting and author of "Be A Hater/Haterology". He also serves as the Executive Director/CEO of the Urban Scholastic Center located in Kansas City, KS.

He is a national speaker in the areas of student development, organizational innovation, and organizational leadership. With his unique mix of social commentary, humor, and scholarship Dr. Wes has presented to thousands of students, professionals, and individuals and has established himself as a dynamic voice in today’s culture.

Dr. Wes earned a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and an MBA with an emphasis in Leadership and Organizational change from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. He earned his Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership from Regent University in Virginia Beach. He has a true passion for individual empowerment, personal growth, and creative leadership.

His professional experiences include positions as a project manager, student life coach, academic advisor, recruiter, scholarship coordinator, consultant, admissions director and more. His newest area of emphasis is on the intersection of selective exposure theory, millennials, and haters. Wes hopes to challenge, grow, and entertain the next generation of students, professionals, and leaders.

Keynote Topics
Organizational Leadership in the New Era
Organizational Innovation
Improve Your Personal & Business Relationships

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