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Dr. Pam Sitienei


Co-Founder & CEO at ONAPS Development

Dr. Pam Sitienei serves as the founder and CEO of ONAPS Development. She brings more than 13 years of multi-faceted experience in government relations, foreign relations, international trade, financial services, energy, commodity trading, and negotiations.
Culturally astute, brilliant, and discerning in her approach, Dr. Pam has an extraordinary track record for structuring complex deals worldwide from the halls of Washington, D.C. to double-digit growth areas of Kenya. She has worked with major corporations, governments, and directly with heads of state. To date, she has raised more than $300 million in project investment, which now has more than $1 billion in valuations - making her one of Africa’s most successful global investment players.
Dr. Pam recently received The Prince of Wales Business and Sustainability Leadership Certification from Cambridge University in London. The U.S. Government Relations Professionals also certify her for Lobbying and Ethics.
Also, she serves as a strategic advisor to several governments, energy companies, and investors throughout Africa and on the board of the Women Global Leadership Institute.

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