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Eugene Gold


Entrepreneur | Speaker | Author

Excuses Don’t Pay the Bills.

No Investments, No Handouts, No Sponsorship, 100% Hustle.

Growing up in poverty and immigrating to the U.S. at a young age, I always believed in the American Dream. Go to school, study, get good grades and you will have a shot. I studied just like many and graduated from High School in only 3 years. I got my Bachelor’s degree in Management in under 2 years and my MBA in 6 months. After all these accomplishments, my job/promotion was given to boss’s nephew. The American Dream is broken. Degrees do not guarantee success in life. Homes are no longer assets and your professional and financial future is no longer in your hands.

I left my W-2 lifestyle and decided to take my personal, financial and professional future into my own hands. I always used rejection to grow and applied this philosophy in entrepreneurship. As a result, I was able to grow my company by 4400% in 3 years; ranking us #64 of the fastest growing companies on the prestigious INC5000 List. We hit the list again the following year and grew by another 200%. Furthermore, the hard work and dedication of my team has led us to become three-time recipients of the Entrepreneur 360 Award. This achievement was recognized during the 2019 NBA All-Star Weekend for business success and excellence.

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