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Gary Waters


Author | Head Coach

Legacy through character, character though commitment.

The value structure has changed drastically within our society today, character examples are badly needed.

Gary Waters believes in the importance of building character off the court first; because then an individual can truly win in all areas of their lives. By perfecting these principles in his own home, living them out daily, he was able to take them authentically to his players and staff, helping to achieve greatness over the years. As wonderful as these awards are, though, Coach Waters finds his reward in the lives he’s touched and the impact he’s had on each individual he has had the privilege to mentor.

Now he shares his passion and wisdom as a professional coach and public speaker and has an upcoming powerful book aimed at helping parents, mentors, advisers, and coaches guide young men and women in developing character in business, school, sports, and life in general. 10 Principles of a Character Coach offers pragmatic advice set within the context of Coach Waters’ 43 years of experiences, beginning in his home and flowing seamlessly onto the basketball court.

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