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Geoffrey Klein


TedX Speaker | Visual Storyteller | President & CEO, nine dots

TedX Speaker | Visual Storyteller | President & CEO, nine dots

Geoffrey Klein, aka Mr. Purple or the Story Guy, is a Tedx speaker, an adjunct professor and a visual content producer. He helps people and organizations communicate more effectively through the power of story. He currently serves as President & CEO of nine dots, a visual content company that helps businesses share their message through visual communication to connect with their audience.

Geoffrey’s diverse professional experience includes working in the film industry, where he worked on films such as the Truman Show, Mission Impossible 2, Legally Blonde and Die Another Day. He also spent 10 years living in Manchester, England where he worked in both real estate and at a creative design agency.

As a visual storyteller, Geoffrey’s belief is that the best way to communicate is through telling a story and that the best way to share a story is by making it visual. He produces animation and video to help clients bring their story to life in a dynamic and refreshing way to share your message.

Geoffrey has a bachelor’s degree from Amherst College and a law degree from Temple University.

Geoffrey is a gadget & cufflinks enthusiast and Pez dispenser collector, and in his spare time he enjoys spending time with his wife and three children, whether it’s baking, basketball or board games.

Keynote Topics:
• The Science of Story
• The Inside Story
• The Art of Visual Communication

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