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Martin Luther King III


Civil Rights Advocate and Global Humanitarian

If we are to be a great democracy, we must all take an active role in our democracy. We must do democracy. That goes far beyond simply casting your vote. We must all actively champion the causes that ensure the common good.

Martin Luther King III is shepherding the healing of our nation and the world, connecting the important lessons of the past with the critical needs of our future and motivating a new generation of authentic leaders. As the oldest son of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Mrs. Coretta Scott King, Martin Luther King III is a thought leader on the world stage, a peace maker, and a negotiator on some of today’s most critical national and international platforms for social change. Amplifying the work of his father, Mr. King has devoted his life to promoting global human rights and eradicating racism, violence, and poverty — referred to by his father as the “triple evils” and the “scourges of humankind” — on every continent except Antarctica.

Speaking Topics:
• Realizing the Dream of Dr. King & Coretta Scott King
• Eradicating the Triple Evils Across the Globe
• Endurance for Equality: The Marathon Towards Justice

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