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Thomas E. Smith


Entrepreneur | President and Co-Founder of The Thomas E. Smith Foundation | Keynote Speaker

Thomas Smith is a highly sought after speaker. The power of Thomas’s story, combined with the actionable strategies he presents for overcoming adversity of all types, has resulted in Thomas being invited to speak for numerous corporations, professional and amateur sports teams, colleges and universities, hospitals, as well as public and private high schools around the country. The same energy, drive, and passion enabled Thomas to beat paralysis three times energize and inspire audiences at Thomas’s speaking events. Those in attendance leave both inspired and better equipped to overcome their challenges — whether in the workplace, sporting arena, classroom, or personal life.
Thomas Smith’s life has been filled with challenges that few people can begin to comprehend. However, his ability to not only overcome adversity but reconfigure his obstacles as opportunities is genuinely awe-inspiring. His speeches are designed with careful cognizance of the specific audience’s unique qualities and needs. What remains constant is Thomas’s ability to be personal, vulnerable, and honest with audiences, thus creating an unforgettable and enlightening experience. Since his second accident, helping people overcome adversity has been and continues to be his purpose. Thomas is most fulfilled when speaking to audiences about his ongoing journey and describing the lessons he has learned in a manner that empowers people to overcome adversity, both personally and professionally.

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