Our Speakers


Andy Wyatt

Author of Pro Leadership | Founder & Head Coach Andrew Wyatt Leadership LLC

Andy portrays in painstaking honest detail what it takes to handle those stirring moments of success properly, and face the tough decisions all business leaders face, which can often mark the difference between winning and losing.


Carmen Ortiz-McGhee

Global Executive | Speaker | Educator

Carmen is an Executive Vice President of the National Association of Investment Companies (NAIC). The NAIC, founded in 1971, is comprised of more than 75 member firms representing over $150 billion of assets under management and is the largest network of diverse-owned pri
vate equity firms and hedge funds in the United States. Carmen is passionate advocate for her community. The daughter of a single Puerto Rican mother who built a career in the intelligence field during the 80s and 90s, Carmen focus is on rectifying a lack of opportunity for underserved communities including Latinos in important areas of society.


Charles D. Smith

NBA Legend | US Olympian | Fierce Facilitator


Curtis Jenkins

Entrepreneur | Advisor | Author | Keynote Speaker

Curtis has served as a keynote speaker with academic and non-profit organizations. As an executive for the global firm, he responsible for organization-building, selecting top talent, mentoring, developing, and retaining high performers. Curtis is an expert speaker on growing your career and how to personally brand yourself to be in the best position as a candidate seeking employment. He is a graduate of Temple’s Fox School of Business and The Wharton School and the author of The Only Job Search Book You Will Ever Need: Using the Marketing Mix to Rise Above Competition.


Dr. Argie Allen-Wilson

CEO | Speaker | Executive Coach and Relationship Transformationalist | Author

With over 25 years’ experience as a Mental Health & Relationship Therapist, Dr. Argie Allen Wilson is a renowned national television and radio personality, often appearing as a mental health & relationship expert.


Edward Beltran

CEO of Fierce Conversations

Ed is an avid road bike cyclist clocking 120+ miles a week year-around helping his mental, physical, and spiritual balance. He is passionate about helping customers with the confidence and tools to have effective conversations when they need to have them. Beltran see a future where people who struggle with effective outcomes from conversations have all the tools at their fingertips. He believes it is his job to make it easy and to provide the guidance through specific scenarios.


Gina London

CEO of Language of Leadership | Executive Advisor | Speaker | Author | Columnist

An Emmy-winning former CNN correspondent and anchor, Gina brings her passion for people and storytelling as she develops leaders to more positively connect and engage with their employees, their board and themselves. Her Fortune 500 clients include SAP, Salesforce, Facebook, McKesson, Merck, Pernod-Ricard, Deloitte, Daimler, JP Morgan and the United States Department of State.


Bea Wray

Co-Founder of Millennial Women Network | Leadership Expert | Author | Keynote Speaker

An innovation expert, Bea helps thought leaders share their stories, passions and knowledge as they invent, launch, and promote new products. As the former Chair of the Entrepreneurship Practice Group at Advantage Media Group, ForbesBooks, Bea further leveraged the wisdom and experience of these innovators through branding, visibility, and marketing efforts substantiated by the ForbesBooks brand name.


Carolyn Brent

Award-Winning American Author |Speaker | Radio Host & Broadcast TV Analyst | Caregiver & Eldercare Legislation Advocate


Chinwe Esimai

Forbes Contributor | Award-Winning Lawyer | Speaker | Citi Chief Anti-Bribery Officer

Chinwe Esimai is a Nigerian-born, Harvard-trained lawyer who is passionate about inspiring generations of immigrant women leaders. Along with her mother, three brothers, and sister, she relocated to the United States in 1995, right before college.


Dondré Whitfield

Actor | Speaker | Social Commentator | Restoration Agent | Author

Words possess the power to create a sense of calmness, healing, transformation, and deliverance. When Dondré speaks, his essence releases wisdom, practical strategies, and timeless answers that bring to life relational healing and self-discovery moments among men and women. His message targets a wide array of impactful life and relationship topics related to manhood, leadership, parenting, and spiritual inspiration. He shares from his wealth of life experiences that span across family dynamics, his career, and his inner life. He harnesses the power of these experiences to influence the course of the collective male conscience through his vulnerability and willingness to share.


Dr. Kori Novak

Seasoned Chief Executive Officer | Researcher | Published | Author

Dr. Kori Novak is an accomplished Senior Executive with more than 18 years of success in healthcare and criminal justice. Leveraging extensive experience as a CEO for various organizations Dr. Novak’s broad areas of expertise include elder care, hospice services, healthcare strategy and public affairs.
Dr. Novak attained her Post-Doctoral Fellowship from Stanford University School of Medicine, her Ph.D. from Capella University, her MBA from Pepperdine Graziadio Business School, and her BA from the University of Denver.


Eugene Gold

Entrepreneur | Speaker | Author

Eugene Gold is an experienced entrepreneur and visionary that has repeatedly outperformed in every position. Mr. Gold's success was achieved through creative leadership, recognized customer retention, strategic intuition, and passion for delivering positive results. Over many years Mr. Gold developed a rare combination of experience as well as strong and lasting relationships that are necessary in order to secure a competitive edge.


Hari Abburi

Global Executive | Fortune 500 Consultant | Author | Speaker | Educator

Hari is an internationally recognized global executive and consultant to Fortune 500 firms, small to mid-size enterprises, and start-ups. He has distinguished himself as a leading expert on businesses and how their leaders can become more agile and strategic, and he’s become a frequent presenter at conferences throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia, and India.


Benny Pough

Music Executive | Entrepreneur | Author | CEO of Dverse Media | Real Estate Proprietary

Decades of dedication and determination propelled Benny Pough to the forefront of the music industry and made him one of today’s successful and innovative business leaders. Pough has helped shape the sound and culture of music worldwide, having been instrumental in delivering radio hits for superstar artists. Pough’s legacy continues as a master of promotions and marketing, coupled with an unmatched eye and ear for talent.


Charisse Lillie

Speaker | Author | Consultant | CEO of CRL Consulting LLC

Charisse shares her insights for the next generation of attorneys, activists, and authors to make an impact in your career and your industry. Her lessons from mentors, advisers, and leadership on corporate and nonprofit boards highlight the role of diversity in tipping the scales towards balance in the legal profession. Lillie provides audiences with the tools to handle the playing field, pitfalls, and pathways to progress.


Chris Stewart

Parent Activist | Writer | Speaker | CEO of Brightbeam Network

Chris Stewart gained his powerful fighting voice 29 years ago when he had his first child. Because he did not have a good education himself, Chris was determined to give his child a better life than what he had. Today he stands beside millions of families fighting for the same things for their kids.


Dorinda Walker

Cultural Strategist | Award Winning Marketer | Author | Podcaster | Community Advocate | Change Agent | Content Creator

From drug dealer, multiple suicide attempts, and no self-worth, Dorinda has transformed into an acclaimed author, highly praised businesswoman, coach, and influencer. From chaos and dysfunction to peace and purpose, Dorinda Walker is fast becoming a celebrated writer, empowerment speaker and, advocate for positive change. She’s now on a mission to transform the lives of many who are seeking to live a life of purpose as a certified John Maxwell coach, trainer, and speaker!


Dr. Pam Sitienei

Co-Founder & CEO at ONAPS Development

With a heart for service, Dr. Pam serves as Founder and Chief Vision Officer for the ONAPS Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit international development organization committed to improving lives across a dynamic Africa while addressing economic empowerment issues in American communities.


Gary Waters

Author | Head Coach

With over two decades of experience in coaching, Gary Waters has seen many changes within the profession over the years, and has worked tirelessly to instill a core of values and integrity, both on and off the court.