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Image of Virtual Meeting on a laptop - NAL Speakers Bureau


More Than a Webinar

Imagine being able to create connections with people from around the world while being at home and not losing time stuck in traffic. Virtual events provide this and many more benefits. Our NAL Speakers Bureau roster includes incredible speakers eager to share their message with you in a flexible and interactive format.

Popular Speakers

Image of Keith Ferrazzi - CEO of Ferrazzi Greenlight and Best Selling Author

CEO of Ferrazzi Greenlight & Best-Selling Author

Image of Dondré Whitfield - American Actor and Speaker

American Actor & Speaker 

Image of Dr. Taryn Marie - Chief Resilience Officer at Resilience Leadership

Chief Resilience Officer at Resilience Leadership

Image of Susan Scott - Best‐Selling Author, Leadership Development Architect, and Founder of Fierce, Inc.

Best‐Selling Author, Leadership Development Architect, and Founder of Fierce, Inc.

In the Spotlight

The latest information about our speakers

Dr. Taryn Marie

#1 International Expert on Resilience, Mental Health, Wellbeing, and Leadership

Founder and Chief Resilience Officer of Resilience Leadership Institute

Dondré Whitfield

The actor and author of “Male vs. Man” weighs in on how to unite Americans and explains what he believes is the difference between being a male and a man.

Twin Sister Doctors 

Dr. Delana Wardlaw and Dr. Elana McDonald are working to educate people on how the community's history shouldn't dictate their present and future.

Inside Our Boardroom

Take a seat and explore the voices of today’s most important issues



Ken Thompson

Principal at AlignOrg Solutions | Deputy Brigade Commander for US Army

Image of Andy Wyatt

Andy Wyatt

Author of Pro Leadership | Founder & Head Coach Andrew Wyatt Leadership LLC

Image of Benny Pough

Benny Pough

Music Executive | Entrepreneur | Author | CEO of Dverse Media | Real Estate Proprietary 

Diversity & Inclusion

Image of Dr. Taryn Marie

Dr. Taryn Marie

Chief Resilience Officer (CRO) at Resilience Leadership

Image of Kimberly S. Reed

Kimberly S. Reed

Global Diversity, Equality & Inclusion Executive Strategist | Award Winning Speaker

Image of MK Palmore

MK Palmore

Cybersecurity Strategic Advisor | Retired FBI Executive | Enterprise Risk Leader | International Keynote Speaker


Image of Charles D. Smith

Charles D. Smith

NBA Legend | US Olympian | Head of Sports & Entertainment
Mediacom | Fierce Facilitator

Image of Richard Polak

Richard Polak

Global Advisor | Entrepreneur | Author

Image of John Berry

John Berry

Award-Winning | Veterans’ Advocate | Experienced Litigator | Dynamic Speaker | Forbes Contributor


Image of Sheeba Forbes

Sheeba Forbes

Thought Leader | Inspirational Keynote Speaker | Author

Image of Irfan Khan

Irfan Khan

Innovator | Angel Investor and Board Member | CEO and President of CLOUDSUFI | Author

Image of Thomas E. Smith

Thomas E. Smith

Entrepreneur | President and Co-Founder of The Thomas E. Smith Foundation | Keynote Speaker


Image of Chinwe Esimai

Chinwe Esimai

Forbes Contributor | Award-Winning Lawyer | Speaker | Citi Chief Anti-Bribery Officer

Image of JiNan Glasgow George

JiNan Glasgow George

IP Attorney | CEO of Magic Number | Founder of NEO IP

Image of Jennifer Freeman

Jennifer Freeman

Actress | Motivational Speaker | Spokesmodel | Author | Women Advocate

Image of Speaker Audience

NAL Speakers' purpose is to inspire each of our patrons to make the change they need to accomplish their goals. Our avant-garde agency is here for when you need a speaker that puts you on the edge of your seat.

Featured Books

Check out the books by our speakers that have us talking

Image of cirular textured background

Our clients are the people who stay up all night thinking – What if I could change just one thing? Through the power of connection building, storytelling, and forward-thinking, our speakers are able to connect profoundly with their audience to drive them to make a change.

Nicole Anderson, President & CEO of NAL Speakers

Nicole Anderson Legacy Speakers is a contemporary agency connecting respected thought leaders, innovative thinkers, and connectors for learning businesses to audiences around the world through virtual or face-to-face keynotes, workshops, and summits.

As a speaker bureau built to accommodate these strange times, we only work with a selected group of executives, scientists, public intellectuals, authors, consultants, and entrepreneurs. All of our clients have up-to-date knowledge and regularly refresh their presentations with new concepts. We only work with thinkers and doers who continuously strive to change the world and people for the better.

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