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Wagner Denuzzo


Keynote Speaker | Leadership Coach | Author

Wagner Denuzzo is a seasoned leader with a rich history of driving leadership innovation at prominent firms including Prudential and IBM. With over two decades of experience, he offers a unique blend of workplace psychology and strategic foresight, prioritizing a human-centered approach. Wagner specializes in HR transformation, talent strategy, and organizational effectiveness, and is revered for guiding leaders from startups to private equity ventures.

His expertise acknowledges the changing dynamics of today's workplace, emphasizing the need to bridge the gap between established professionals and emerging talent. Wagner's approach marries tradition with innovation, ensuring businesses are prepared for the evolving demands of the future.

As a keynote speaker, leadership coach, and soon-to-be author, Wagner's focus remains on mentoring those at the helm of change. His perspective as an LGBTQ Latino Executive amplifies his advocacy for inclusive and progressive leadership. For Wagner, championing transformative leadership isn't just a profession—it's a mission.

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