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Ingrid Polini


CEO at SafetyDocs Global | International Speaker | Mentor | Google Accelerator Alumni

"Businesses are losing a huge competitive advantage, by not learning to harness the power of new technology. As decision makers, learning how to support your team in applying new technology, while also making sure your data is protected, is no small feat. But I can definitely help with that."

Ingrid holds a Business Administration Bachelors, and a Masters in intercultural and international communications. She has more than 9 years of experience in tech, from large corporations to start-ups. Ingrid has developed international projects in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, USA, Vietnam, Bermuda, Costa Rica and Canada. She is a successful entrepreneur in Latin America and North America, and mentors other startups in acceleration hubs such as the Accelerator Center, in Canada. At SafetyDocs global, the company she founded and runs as CEO, she focuses on managing the development of client-centred solutions, focusing on optimizing efficiency and lowering costs of operations globally. Her company was accelerated by Google for Startups, The Accelerator Center and Latam Startups. Ingrid is also co-chair of the Brazilian-Canadian Chamber of Commerce in British Columbia and co-host of the Find a Way Podcast.

Keynote Topics
1. Leadership training for Women, In this insightful talk, we delve into the importance of leadership training specifically designed for women in male-dominated industries. With an emphasis on breaking barriers and training our inner critic, this session provides practical strategies and tools to help women thrive and excel in their professional journeys.

2. Harness the Power of AI, In this talk we will discuss how to use AI tools to support your business, creating policies for AI use in companies, how to incentivize AI use without losing control of your data and more.

3. Digital Transformation, This talk is designed to equip C-level executives with the knowledge, insights, and strategies necessary to lead their organizations through the complex journey of digital transformation. With a focus on harnessing emerging technologies and adapting to the digital age, this session explores key considerations, challenges, and opportunities that executives must navigate to drive meaningful and sustainable change.

4. Fostering Innovation, This talk is designed to inspire and equip executives in traditional industries with the mindset, strategies, and tools necessary to foster a culture of innovation within their organizations. By exploring the unique challenges and opportunities faced by traditional industries, this session provides insights and practical approaches to drive transformative change, stay ahead of the curve, and thrive in an increasingly dynamic and competitive landscapeEntrepreneurship, challenges and successes.

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