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Curtis Jenkins


Entrepreneur | Advisor | Author | Keynote Speaker

How to market yourself with the same techniques major companies use.

Place high value on work ethic, setting a positive and inspiring example for your teams.

Curtis Jenkins is the owner of Jenkins & Associates, Inc and specializes in developing strategies with small business owners to grow their companies to 7 & 8 figures with his patented methodology: The Realization Framework Experience(R).
His structured program helps small business owners to:

Articulate a Vision that's understood by all
Organize business operations: People and Cashflow
Create, execute and measure their goals to realize their vision

For over 20 years as an award winning project management professional, Curtis has provided large companies and leaders with solutions to realize their corporate visions.

Curtis' methodology is distilled in a simplified manner to help small businesses behave like successful large businesses - making the transition easier for the owners to navigate the tools and techniques needed for a successful and growing 7 & 8 Figure business.

Curtis is available for a keynote speech to your entrepreneur groups, day long retreats with your company leaders or for a year long advisory support and accountability relationship.

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