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DeeDee Trotter


Keynote Speaker | Olympic Champion | Chef


DeeDee’s 13 years as a professional track and field athlete has given her a tremendous story. In 2008 a devastating knee injury should have ended her career. While this injury knocked her from the very top to the bottom, Deedee learned how to transform failure, loss, fear, and doubt into power and use it to create a winning formula that allowed her to reach her greatest success, not only in sports, but in life! It’s a journey of perseverance, determination, overcoming obstacles and a profound perspective on winning and what it really means to be a champion. DeeDee has traveled to over 20 countries spreading her motivational message at over 500 events worldwide. It’s a story of a comeback and a true Champion that audiences can't get enough of!

Keynote Topics
I Can. I Must. I Will!™️
DeeDee’s most requested motivational message. In this high energy presentation, DeeDee teaches how to transform pressure into positive power, and how to utilize other internal forces that we all have access to in order to transform our lives, businesses and relationships.

Unleash Your Inner Champion
Truly ignites a fire within every person in the room as they share in DeeDee’s Olympic story. This message will open the audiences’ hearts & minds and enable them to understand the true meaning of the word “champion”.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
This message encourages teams to work as a unit and focus on a common goal.

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