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Dr. William Watson


Author, Twelve Steps for White America: for a United States of America

Dr. William Watson first learned democracy watching his Mississippi parents risk their lives (and his) in the 1960s Civil Rights Movement. Defying odds set by poverty and alcoholism, Watson earned a social justice focused doctorate from San Francisco State University and completed a Presidential Fellowship for College Excellence with The Aspen Institute’s partnership with Stanford University. After prototyping equity innovations in higher education for over twenty years, he founded Waterbrook, LLC, ( a USA democracy project that works for peace and prosperity through justice then liberty for all, inspired by MLK's Beloved Community. He is the author of Twelve Steps for White America. (The Book &The Workbook with contributor, Dr. Christine Sleeter – member, National Academy of Education.)

Keynote Topics/Titles

• Twelve Steps for White America: A Treatment Plan for Democracy
• White America Is More Than White Americans
• Rigged Advantage Theory: Keeping America Great for Some is Older Than The USA
• Legacies of Slavery: How the Plantation’s Minority Rule Lives On
• Non-Violence & Non-Stealing: The Spiritual Lessons of SCOTUS “Brown” and “Rodriguez”
• Draw the Spiritual Circle: How Principled Positions Against Abortion Catalyzed the “Southern Strategy”

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