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Dustin Tavella


Inspirational | Magical | Life-Changing


In 2018, Tavella began performing magic professionally. In 2021, he auditioned for
season sixteen of America's Got Talent. He made it to the finals, performed with Mat
Franco and Rico Rodriguez, and consequently won on September 15, 2021. Beating out nine finalists for the million dollar grand prize, Tavella is the third magician to win the show, after Franco and Shin Lim. In 2022, Tavella began headlining America's Got Talent Live, at the Luxor Las Vegas on the Strip. His own magic show, Here Comes Trouble, incorporates his musical talent. In August 2022, Tavella performed during the first live season 17 Qualifier Results Show, alongside Sofía Vergara and assisted by Sarah Hyland.

When it comes to bringing about the change we are looking for, its far too easy to wait on someone with more influence, more power, more money, or more resources. But, what if YOU already have all that you need to bring about the change this world is waiting for? After befriending a homeless man who was "begging for change", it turned out Dustin was the one who needed "change" the most. Dustin is passionate about sharing personal, compelling stories that shifted him from WAITING for the answer to BEING the answer.

In an era when we are supposed to be the most "connected", we have all struggled with feeling quite the opposite. And if it isn't us who is feeling disconnected, it's someone within our reach who is waiting for someone (YOU) to reach out and pull them back in the boat. Dustin has spent years working with people struggling with everything from apathy to addiction. In the end, simple human connection is ALWAYS part of the formula for bringing us back into the fullness of our callings.

When it comes to leadership, Dustin is passionate about challenging people to lead in a way that adds value to others. We want to lead in a way that makes people WANT to follow. Being able to keep sight of what truly matters helps us know how to empower people best... even when life gets messy. We can't always control what life throws our way, but a true leader knows how to find the magic in life's messiest moments.

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