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Jasmine Sanders


Media Personality | Advocate | Co-Host of The D.L. Hughley Show

"Failure will happen. Don’t cry about it get up and do something about it"

Jasmine Sanders is an inspiring media personality known for her infectious energy and captivating presence. As co-host of The D.L. Hughley Show, she brings joy and entertainment to listeners nationwide. With her expertise in brand development and management, Jasmine helps businesses create engaging and relatable images. She is also a devoted advocate for foster care, adoption, and assault abuse, using her platform to make a positive impact on the world. Jasmine's authentic charm and relatability have made her universally loved and respected in the media industry.

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Speaking Topics:
• "The Power of YES: How Perseverance and Persistence Can Lead to a Successful Life"
• "Unleash Your Inner Strength: Why Knowing Your Core is Essential to Success"
• "The Magic of Manifestation: How Speaking the Future into Existence Can Transform Your Life"
• "Shine Bright Like a Diamond: How to Embrace Your Inner Light and Let It Shine for All to See"
• "Navigating Life's Journey: Why Finding Your Co-Pilot is Key to Success"
• "Faith and Works: How Putting Your Faith into Action Can Help You Achieve Your Dreams"

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