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Loriana Hernadez-Aldama


Survivor | Speaker | Educator | Author

Loriana is a cancer survivor, inspirational speaker and an Emmy award-winning journalist with more than 20 years of on-air television experience, anchoring prime-time and morning news, as well as health/medical reporting. Chances are you’ve seen Loriana’s work, found yourself riveted by her powerful and compelling storytelling or simply enjoyed her charismatic and refreshingly authentic on-camera personality. Others have been captivated by many of Loriana’s public speaking engagements where she urges others to ArmorUp and change their lives through health and wellness.
Speaking Topics:
· PREPARE PRESENT PREVAIL: Prioritizing your Well-Being for Effective Leadership
· Returns on Corporate Well-Being -Connecting the dots between operational success and employee well-being
· Flipping the Script: Getting back up after a career pivot or crash (reintegration back into the workforce after the trauma of a pandemic)
· ArmorUp for LIFE: The power of PREHAB and making a better you POSSIBLE in the face of adversity
· PREHAB to FAB: Elevate your plate during times of Stress (risk reduction)

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