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Milan Kordestani


CEO, anKord | Co-Founder and Chairman, audo | Co-Founder and Chairman, Guin Records | Co-Founder and Chairman, Nota

“I'm driven by frustration over the lack of accountability and integrity that individuals with wealth and power often exhibit in effecting change. As part of the next generation of successful American dreamers, I aim to inspire others to use their wealth and privilege to cultivate stronger communities with transparent social values.”

Milan Kordestani, the #2 Wall Street Journal Best Selling author of “I'm Just Saying: A Guide to Maintaining Civil Discourse in an Increasingly Divided World” (HCI, 2023), is a dynamic entrepreneur and a global advocate for conscious capitalism and civil discourse. The founder of over five businesses in fields like education, music, and news, Milan designs scalable solutions to create sustainable change for some of society's most significant challenges.

Through his startup incubator and venture studio, AnKord Labs, Milan has founded notable companies including Audo, Nota, The Doe, and Guin Records. Each entity underscores his commitment to leveraging systems thinking to scale solutions for the masses. Audo, a pioneering career-management platform, utilizes artificial intelligence to guide job seekers to fulfilling careers. Nota, a content creation and distribution platform, broadens the reach of newsrooms worldwide. Meanwhile, The Doe and Guin Records employ the transformative power of storytelling and music, respectively fostering anonymous narratives and offering artist-friendly deals.

A Gen Z writer and first-generation American of Iranian descent, Milan's insights have been featured in Entrepreneur, HuffPost, RollingStone, FastCompany, and Forbes. Now based in Los Angeles, Milan stands as an emerging global thought leader, inspiring others through subjects ranging from AI and the creator economy to education, career transitions, and the publishing and music industries.

Milan Kordestani embodies the spirit of a new generation of entrepreneurs, blending technology, empathy, and acute business acumen. His work resonates with those eager to make positive changes, while his words continue to inspire audiences worldwide.

Speaking Topics:
● Unfounded Fears: A Civil Discussion on the Future of AI
● Navigating the Future of Work: Exploring Education, Career Pivoting, and the Role of AI in Career Navigation.
● From Immigrant Roots to Global Impact: Tracing a Personal Journey of Success, Privilege, and the Dedication to Positive Change.
● Driving Conscious Capitalism: Scaling Impact Across Fields Such as Education, Music, and News.
● Inspiring the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs: Emphasizing the Need for Adaptability, Lifelong Learning, and the Potent Opportunity to Forge a More Equitable World.
● The Creator Economy Unleashed: Delving into the Future of Monetization, Content Distribution and the Role of AI in the Creator Economy.
● The Power of Civil Discourse: Solution Oriented Communication that Affects Change, in an Increasingly Divided World.

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