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Raoul Davis


Leading Global Expert on CEO Branding | Forbes Contributor | Author of Firestarters

Raoul Davis is the CEO and founder of The Ascendant Group. Through Ascendant, Raoul Davis helps businesses increase their top-line revenue. Known as one of the world's foremost experts on CEO branding, Davis helps CEOs increase their visibility with their target audience and become recognized industry experts. He has regularly contributed to and his company Ascendant Group, one of The Forbes Agency Council's founding members.
At Ascendant, Davis has built a private, executive client list that includes Fortune 500 executives, CEOs at middle-market companies with 5-100 million in revenue, and NY Times Best-Selling authors. Under his leadership, the company has helped clients generate significant business deals, speak at Ivy League institutions, win recognitions from elected officials, receive invitations for White House-sponsored events, secure media coverages, and obtain book deals.
Since 2004, Ascendant Group has worked with the world's leading CEOs and executives ranging from fortune 500 companies, INC 5000 fastest-growing businesses, and high performing individual brands ranging from those leading world-class organizations to bestselling authors to elite athletes transitioning to the entrepreneurial world.

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