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Richelle Payne


Business Transformation | Consultant | Coach

The best story always wins

Public Relations is the art of telling stories.

Richelle Payne is an award-winning storyteller whose three decades of experiences working as a journalist, director of university relations, college English instructor, and president of the National Black Public Relations Society, Inc., create an exciting mix of expertise cutting through the clutter of a crowded marketplace and connecting you with diverse, complex, global audiences. She chooses words and images so powerful that they spark changes in attitudes, inspires people to take action, and ignite strategic business results.
Payne is highly requested to translate strategic direction into action plans and align project scope with business objectives. She brings analytic rigor to helping both startups and global enterprises manage organizational change and crises. She has been responsible for running or starting PR departments, driving people experience strategy with HR leaders, meeting demand generation targets with marketing executives, and helping sales teams refresh or revamp their lead generation strategies. Her strategic approach is rooted in raising brand visibility, leading to better prospects and increasing sales.
Fueled by a passion for helping you create goodwill while doing good business, she will build the plan, map out the work and lead the teams that will help grow your reputation and revenues.

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