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Managing Gen Z So They Thrive At Work

The Gen Z revolution is here! Born between 1997 and 2012, this generation is tech-savvy, values authenticity, and craves meaningful work. They're all about balancing work with life and making sure their jobs reflect their values. So how do you manage this group?

NAL Speaker and Gen Z influencer Milan Kordestani offers his take. “There’s a mistaken belief that Gen Z wants to “burn everything down,” instead of building it up for the new world that already exists” states Milan. “There’s a big fear that these established systems are being put into question by a generation that might not yet know enough to question it — but now IS the time to be doing that questioning, and leveraging the opportunity to change.” 

Currently, they constitute a quarter of the workforce and are shaking things up by emphasizing empathy, psychological safety, and recognition at work. Their approach to work is markedly different, prioritizing social responsibility, well-being, and meaningful engagement over traditional metrics of success.

Post-pandemic, the work landscape for Gen Z looks different. They've missed out on key life experiences, and now, more than ever, they're seeking workplaces that understand and support their mental health. They want bosses who recognize this and show they care, focusing not just on productivity but also on their well-being.

Kelly Meerbott, a voice from NAL Speakers Bureau, pointed out in a recent article that Gen Z isn't willing to compromise their mental health for a paycheck. She encourages leaders to abandon the notion that Gen Z doesn’t want to work. “Managing across generations effectively hinges on appreciating and respecting differences. You can unite your team across generational lines by adapting your leadership and communication style and fostering a supportive work environment. This ensures a dynamic, inclusive, and productive workplace.”

So, what's the secret sauce for managing Gen Z? Here’s what we’ve learned:

Strategies for Effective Gen Z Management

  • Technological Integration: Embrace digital tools and platforms, leveraging Gen Z's tech-savviness for organizational benefits.

  • Constructive Feedback: Offer regular, meaningful feedback to support Gen Z's professional growth.

  • Collaboration Over Competition: Foster a culture that values teamwork and inclusivity.

  • Flexibility and Work-Life Balance: Recognize the non-negotiable need for balance in Gen Z's lives.

  • Continuous Learning and Growth: Provide ample opportunities for development, which is key to retaining Gen Z talent.

  • Ethical Practices and Social Responsibility: Align organizational values with Gen Z's desire for a just world.

  • Diversity, Inclusion, and Individuality: Create a workplace where diverse voices and identities are celebrated.

  • Purpose-Driven Work: Ensure that roles and projects align with broader, meaningful goals.

  • Financial Literacy and Wellness: Support Gen Z's financial and overall well-being, crucial in today's economic landscape.

Embracing Gen Z's values isn't just beneficial for them —it's advantageous for your entire organization. Want to learn more?

Let our speakers guide you. The insights and strategies shared by our speakers can be transformative. Let NAL Speakers Bureau be your partner in navigating this transition with keynotes, presentations, workshops, and facilitation — creating an environment where every generation thrives.


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